Paradiso Ristorante

Private Dining Experiences

barAmaro Lounge

Capacity: 50–100 people

This elegant cosmopolitan style Lounge is the first impression to a fine dining experience at Paradiso Ristorante. barAmaro lounge offers a cutting-edge Mixology which can be enjoyed on a daily base from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. barAmaro can be privately booked for happy hour, business celebrations, and any celebration excuse of your imagination. It can also be booked in connection with our private dining rooms.

Wine Room

Capacity: 6-16 people

This intimate room features a wine wall and elegant bar. With the capacity for 16 people, this room can be arranged with one large or a variety of shaped smaller tables for the perfect dining setting.

Wine Cellar Table

Capacity: 6-16 people

The private Cellar Table bestows guests with views into the magnificent wine cellar, boasting the widest selection of varietals and vintages from across the world. While seated under a rustic chandelier, up to 16 guest will enjoy a truly social celebration.

Mural Dining Room

Capacity: up to 80 people

A decorative mural sets the scene in this picturesque dining area. Hosting up to 80 people at candlelit tables, this room gives a personal touch to a lavish event.

Wine Cellar Dining Room

Capacity: up to 100 people

Encompassing the Cellar Table and barAmaro lounge, this grand room has a fantastic atmosphere, and Cosmopolitan décor. With capacity up to 100 people, this room can be transformed into your personalized venue.

Sample Menus

Private Dining Guidelines

Typically, parties up to 18 people may make selections; a la carte. With consideration that due to the seasonality of our business prices may vary. We consider October thru December the beginning of our season. January through April is our high season and April through September is our low season.

Customize Your Private Dining Experience

Contact Chef Angelo to customize the menu for your event. We can accommodate any special diet requests (such as gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian).

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